College Now Scholarships


College Now offsets the high cost of college tuition by awarding renewable, need-based scholarships to students across Northeast Ohio. Over the last few years, College Now’s scholarship recipients have experienced declining income and resources while postsecondary costs have risen, leaving a wide gap.

College Now seeks to fill the gap:

  • College Now awards $3 million in scholarships every year
  • 1,400 students and adult learners receive a College Now scholarship each year
  • Our scholarships are renewable, should students continue to meet grade and enrollment requirements

Paying for college is a challenge that many students face. In addition to the scholarships offered by College Now, there are many outside scholarships available to help offset the rising costs of college.  We have compiled a database of many of these scholarships to make it easier for students to identify opportunities available to them.  These scholarships have been researched and vetted by our scholarship team to help discern their value and legitimacy.

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Search for Outside Scholarships

For information about other scholarship opportunities, click the following links or call the College Now Resource Center at 216.241.5587:

Also, don’t forget – your college may offer scholarships that go beyond your first year. Here’s a list of some colleges that offer continuing scholarships: College List for Continuing Scholarships

Our Scholarships

College Now has two types of scholarships: Traditional scholarships, for high school students served in schools by College Now advisors enrolling in college for the first time, and Adult Learner scholarships, for students age 19 and older who have discontinued their studies for more than one year and are interested in pursuing a first associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or trade certificate.

College Now raises scholarship dollars from a variety of funders that are directed either to Traditional or Adult Learner scholarships, based on the donor’s

request. College Now staff then matches students to all of the scholarships for which they could be eligible, and individual selections for scholarships awarded are made based on the goal of selecting as many qualified students as possible. To ensure that we can fund as many students as possible, selected students receive one College Now scholarship out of the ones for which they qualified.

To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our scholarship support, below are the donors who currently fund Traditional and Adult Learner scholarships at College Now.

Traditional Scholarship Funders

(Current as of March 1, 2016)
  • ACE Mentoring of Cleveland Scholarship
  • Alcoa Scholarship
  • Anita Lois Poole Scholarship
  • Augie Schroeder Endowed Scholarship
  • Beth E. Mooney Scholarship
  • Bill Koehler Scholarship
  • Bobby R. Larkin, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
  • Britton Fund Endowed Scholarship
  • Bruening Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles and Frances Feiner Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles and Margaret Jones Scholarship
  • Chastity Embrescia Scholarship
  • Christopher Family Scholarship
  • City of Cleveland Black History Month Endowed Scholarship
  • City of Cleveland Scholarship
  • Cleveland Indians Scholarship
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer Endowed Scholarship
  • College Now Alumni Endowed Scholarship
  • College Now Endowed Scholarship
  • Cornelia W. Beardslee Scholarship of the Cleveland Foundation
  • Cuyahoga County Scholarship
  • David & Inez Myers Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • David and Florence Moritz Endowed Scholarship
  • David S. Inglis Endowed Scholarship
  • Deloitte Accounting Scholarship
  • Edward Meisel Scholarship
  • Eleanor Gerson Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth and William Mather Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth T. Lohmiller Scholarship
  • Ella M. Walz Memorial Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
  • F.M. Pritchard Scholarship
  • Ferro Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • George Garretson Wade Scholarship
  • George Gund Foundation Scholarship
  • George H. Boyd Scholarship
  • George Humphrey Endowed Scholarship
  • George Humphrey Scholarship
  • Gilbert & Louise Ireland Humphrey Endowed Scholarship
  • Gloria Pointer Endowed Scholarship
  • Harry Coulby Memorial Fund Scholarship of the Cleveland Foundation
  • Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio Scholarship
  • Henkel Endowed Scholarship
  • Jack W. and Shirley Berger Scholars of Promise Endowed Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
  • James C. Beardslee Scholarship of the Cleveland Foundation
  • Jeanette Grasselli Brown Endowed Scholarship
  • Jimmy Malone Scholarship Program
  • John Huntington Fund for Education
  • Joi Renee Smith Scholarship
  • Joseph Babin Endowed Scholarship
  • Judi and Tom Embrescia Endowed Scholarship
  • Judi Embrescia Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Foundation of Cleveland Scholarship
  • Knowledge Works Endowed Scholarship
  • Leadership Cleveland Endowed Scholarship
  • Margaret Kennedy Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary M. Doll Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Millicent Pitts Endowed Scholarship
  • Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Scholarship
  • Nordson Corporation Endowed Scholarship
  • Nordson Corporation Foundation
  • Phi Beta Kappa Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert Fortney Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert Schneider Endowed Scholarship
  • Rosenthal Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Rotary Club of Cleveland Scholarship
  • Sally Stewart Scholarship
  • Sharon Kearns Endowed Scholarship
  • Shirley & Robert Coplan Endowed Scholarship
  • Shiska Daan Scholarship
  • Sondra and Stephen Hardis Endowed Scholarship
  • Sophie Auerbach Scholarship
  • Stocker Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Swamy Family Foundation Scholarship
  • The Cleveland Foundation
  • The Roy & Willia Coleman Book Scholarship
  • Theresa Mae MacNab Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
  • Thomas White Endowed Scholarship
  • University Hospitals Endowed Scholarship
  • Waxman Family Scholarship
  • William M. Weiss Endowed Scholarship
  • William Roberts Endowed Scholarship
  • Young Buckeyes

Adult Learner Scholarship Funders

(Current as of March 1, 2016)
  • Children’s War Memorial Fund
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer Endowed Scholarship
  • Cornelia W. Beardslee Scholarship
  • Elizabeth T. Lohmiller
  • F.M. Pritchard
  • Irene C. and Karl Emmerling Scholarship
  • James C. Beardslee
  • Jane D. White Scholarship Fund
  • John D. Huntington Fund for Education
  • Kent H. Smith Foundation
  • Sophie Auerbach Fund
  • The Cleveland Foundation
  • Theresa Mae MacNab
  • William and Dorothy O’Neill Endowed Scholarship

Apply for a College Now Scholarship

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High School Seniors

To be selected to receive a College Now Scholarship, students must attend a high school served by a College Now advisor. Winners are selected based on recommendations by the advisor, and students must meet our criteria for academic performance (high school GPA of 2.5+ and ACT score of 18+) and be Pell-eligible.

Learn more about the schools College Now serves across Greater Cleveland. Talk to your advisor for more information on our scholarships.

Renew Your Scholarship

Adult Learners

College Now provides scholarship opportunities to adult students age 19 and above who have taken off one year or more after high school. Eligible adult learners are Pell-eligible and must be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree or a non-degree certificate or license in a vocational or technical program.

Applicants must complete the application and meet the scholarship criteria for academic performance and financial need. Scholarships are renewable.

Adults from Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit or Trumbull County may apply for the College Now Adult Learner Scholarship.

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Managed Scholarships

In addition, College Now manages scholarship programs for outside organizations and corporations to make scholarship administration easier and more affordable.

For Business

College Now works with organizations to customize programs that best suit their needs, including scholarships for employees’ dependents or students participating in the corporations’ cooperative program. For more information, please contact Robert Durham, at or call 216.635.0450.

For Students

Sherwin-Williams Company Scholarship Program

The Sherwin-Williams Company Scholarship Program demonstrates the Company’s support of education and encourages children of employees to attend the college of their choice. The program provides assistance for high school students graduating in 2017 and entering a Pell eligible four-year U.S. or Canadian college or university. Applicants must be dependent children of a full-time or regular part-time employee.

Jane Edna Hunter Scholarship

Jane Edna Hunter (1881-1971) was an African-American social worker from South Carolina.  She established what became known as the Phillis Wheatley Association of Cleveland to help elevate African-American women and children.  The Jane Edna Hunter Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance for full time undergraduate women under the age of 30, who are residents of Ohio or South Carolina.

Margaret Wong Scholarship

The Margaret Wong Scholarship, in partnership with Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC), assists students who are not eligible for federal student aid as a result of their citizenship status. Applicants must be immigrant students and who reside in the United States who have achieved Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. This scholarship will be administered by College Now Greater Cleveland.

George C. Beinke Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by George C. Beinke to provide scholarship grants to graduates of Toledo area schools who will be attending the University of Toledo.

2017/2018 The Union Club Foundation Scholarship

The Union Club Foundation Scholarship has been established for the purpose of providing scholarship funds to a student who is an employee of the Union Club or a legal spouse, a dependent or grandchild of such an eligible employee. One student will be selected to receive a renewable scholarship to attend an accredited nonprofit or public institution in the amount of $2,500 (for any student pursuing a four-year degree) or $1,250 (for any student pursuing a two year degree or a certificate).

Mayor Frank G. Jackson Scholarship Program

The Mayor Frank G. Jackson Scholarship Program was created by the City of Cleveland in 2007 to provide scholarship funds to the following individuals:

  1. City employees
  2. Dependents of City employee
  3. High school seniors graduating from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  4. High school seniors in the Youth Development Program or involved with the City of Cleveland Department of Recreation
2018/2019 Cleveland Browns Foundation Marion Motley Scholarship

The Cleveland Browns Foundation Marion Motley Scholarship Program is an exciting opportunity for a motivated student whose long-term career goal could include working in education or for a professional sports organization in any of a variety of capacities.

Cambodian Scholarship for Excellence

The Cambodian Scholarship for Excellence was created with support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and Keith and Danay Johnson. In the academic year 2017/2018, one $1,000 renewable scholarship will be awarded to a student who was born in Cambodia or who has parents, either of whom were born in Cambodia.

Youth for Holiness Scholarship

The YFH college scholarship is awarded to individuals who have a financial need and are committed to positioning themselves to serve as a positive role model and/or mentor to others. Eligible applicants must be enrolled in a four-year college or university, or two-year community college program. The purpose for the YFH scholarship is to assist students in purchasing class materials such as textbooks.

Gertrude Colescott Scholarship

This fund was established in memory of Gertrude Colescott by her sister Sydney Colescott. Applicant must be a graduate of Kokomo High School in Indiana and pursuing major study in the field of History, Economics, Sociology or Political Science.

Swagelok Advantage Scholarship

The Swagelok Advantage Scholarship demonstrates the Company’s support of education and encourages children of employees to attend the college of their choice. The program provides assistance to students 24 years of age or younger, who are dependents of a full-time Swagelok associate. Students can reapply for the scholarship and receive awards for up to three additional years so long as the student has maintained his or her full-time status (12 credits per semester), has maintained a 2.50 cumulative grade point average, has not earned a bachelors’ degree and has completed 150 hours of community service or paid employment during the previous school year.

College Now Greater Cleveland Manufacturing Scholarship

The College Now provides scholarship opportunities to high school seniors and adult students and above who are interested in a training program, specifically in the field of manufacturing with the result leading to a license/certification or degree.