College Now Scholarships

High School Seniors

To be selected to receive a College Now scholarship, students must attend a high school served by a College Now advisor. Winners are selected based on recommendations by the advisor, and students must meet our criteria for academic performance (high school grades and SAT/ACT test scores) and have financial need.

Learn more about the schools College Now serves across Greater Cleveland.  Talk to your advisor for more information on our scholarships, including eligibility and requirements.

Scholarship Renewal Forms

Adult Learners

College Now provides scholarship opportunities to adult students age 19 and above who have taken off one year or more after high school. Eligible adult learners must be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree or a non-degree certificate or license in a vocational or technical program.

Applicants must complete the application and meet the scholarship criteria for academic performance and financial need. Scholarships are renewable.

To apply for an Adult Learner Scholarship and to check the requirements, please click here.