AmeriCorps College Guides and Career Coaches Program Currently Recruiting for 2017-2018 School Year – Apply Today!

Figuring out how to prepare for and access a postsecondary credential isn’t easy, even for students who have family, friends or school supports in place to do so. For students without those helpful factors, the process is even more daunting – and can seem impossible. At College Now, we have advisors in high schools throughout Northeast Ohio who help high school students with the college-going process. However, these advisors cannot do it alone. Many high schools we serve have more students than our advisors can reach by themselves, which is where our AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides program comes in to play.

In 2009, College Now implemented the AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides program, which places fresh college graduates into middle schools, high schools and community centers to help guide traditionally underserved young people to prepare for, access and complete a postsecondary credential. Not only does College Now place these young professionals into schools within the Cleveland metro area, but also throughout the state of Ohio. Including Cleveland, College Now administrates the program for eight other host sites throughout the state: Canton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Jefferson, Marietta, Oberlin, Youngstown and Zanesville.

College Now is actively recruiting for recent graduates to serve students in these host sites! As an AmeriCorps College Guide, you will be instrumental in the work to ensure that students – especially typically underserved students (first-generation college-going, low-income and minority) – get the information and knowledge they need and deserve to make educated decisions and plans that can positively impact their future.

But the College Guides program doesn’t just help you give back to students – it also gives back to you! As an AmeriCorps College Guide, you will undergo significant training and receive valuable professional development, networking opportunities, guidance and support with career and graduate school goals. You will serve full-time (over 1,700 hours across 11 months), and, in return, receive a modest living allowance, health insurance and an Educational Award upon completion of the full-time commitment.

The College Guides is a program that is suitable for recent graduates from a variety of fields of study and with various career goals; it is a corps of driven and highly-qualified professionals getting their start in education. These are people to whom students can relate, confide in and eventually emulate as they plan for their futures and take constructive steps toward postsecondary education.

By working alongside our Advisors, the AmeriCorps College Guides allow College Now to bring services to a wider group of students and to ensure that all students who need support are receiving it. College Guides also help with afterschool programs for students to bring additional services to those who need them most.

College Now also recently implemented a new AmeriCorps program in Cleveland schools, the AmeriCorps Career Coaches program. Like College Guides, Career Coaches work with College Now advisors to ensure that students are receiving the proper support and guidance in determining their postsecondary pathway. The Career Coaches, however, have a more focused approach with the students they serve. Career Coaches are placed in five Cleveland Metropolitan School District career academies and ensure that freshmen and sophomore students specifically are introduced to postsecondary educational paths that will lead them to the region’s in-demand careers early in high school. As the early high school years are pivotal for student success, it is imperative that students receive the extra guidance and support necessary to facilitate a smooth transition.

Just like the College Guides, Career Coaches receive a modest living allowance, health insurance and an Educational Award upon completion of the full-time commitment (over 1,700 hours worked across 11 months), as well as undergo significant training and receive valuable professional development, networking, guidance and support with career and graduate school goals.

If you are interested in becoming either an AmeriCorps College Guide, in Cleveland or one of the other eight locations in Ohio, or AmeriCorps Career Coach, visit our website at and click either “AmeriCorps College Guides” or “AmeriCorps Career Coaches” at the bottom of the page. Scroll down and click the “Apply Now” link for instructions on applying. If you have any questions, you can contact Bridget McFadden at [email protected].

Some of our AmeriCorps members have blogged about their experiences in the program, giving a valuable first-hand account of the responsibilities, challenges, benefits and rewarding nature of being in the Corps.