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Alumni and Emerging Leaders Association

College Now has awarded $76 million in scholarships to tens of thousands of Northeast Ohio residents since our inception. After achieving their postsecondary goals, our alumni embark on futures and careers that are both personally meaningful and economically beneficial, many here in our community. Among dozens of other professions, College Now alumni are accountants, CEOs, doctors, educators, elected officials, entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, non-profit leaders and social workers.

To support and engage our alumni, as well as develop a strong group of young professionals who will champion our mission and our organization, College Now created both an Emerging Leaders Association (ELA) and an Alumni Association in 2016. The associations work together, facilitating educational, networking and professional growth opportunities that always underscore the importance of postsecondary educational attainment and the impact of College Now’s work.

The ELA holds quarterly meetings, and together with the Alumni Association, collaborates to recruit mentors to join College Now’s mentoring program, hosts happy hours with other young professional groups and holds events to celebrate and engage new alumni.

Interested in joining the Emerging Leaders Association? Please contact or complete the application below.

Emerging Leaders Association Application