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College Now has awarded $71 million in scholarships to tens of thousands of individuals since its inception. After achieving their postsecondary goals, our alumni embark on futures that are both personally meaningful and economically beneficial to the Northeast Ohio community. Among many other professions, College Now alumni are educators, CEOs, social workers, engineers, elected officials, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

To keep those supportive alumni engaged, as well as retain a strong support base of young professionals who will stay involved with the organization, College Now recently developed the Emerging Leaders Association (ELA), a group of young professionals who are passionate about College Now’s work and are looking to champion that work in the coming years.  The ELA pursues programmatic opportunities that meet the following criteria:


Educational opportunities for ELA Members and Alumni

Opportunities for Mentor Recruitment

Championing the mission of College Now

College Now is also developing a robust Alumni Association as part of the ELA to support students who have received College now scholarships by helping them to build social capital and continue to develop professional skills integral to successful careers. By linking the Alumni Association with the ELA, the goal is to create an opportunity for alumni and supporters of different backgrounds to come together and focus on the importance of postsecondary attainment, build professional relationships, and recruit mentors.

If you are a College Now alum or are interested in joining our Emerging Leaders Association, please contact Kittie Warshawsky at kwarshawsky@collegenowgc.org or (216) 635-0155.

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