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Have questions? Ask Tassel!

Ask Tassel

For questions regarding college and career access, call 216.241.5587 or text the word TASSEL to 216.290.0311.

Ask Tassel

What is Ask Tassel?

Ask Tassel is a full-service college and career access hotline for students of all ages with questions about their education. When you reach out, you will be connected to College Now Greater Cleveland and receive the support, guidance, and information that you need to help you on your educational journey.

You can reach Tassel in one of two ways: by calling 216.241.5587 or by texting the word TASSEL to 216.290.0311

When you call Tassel, please share your question or needs with our staff, who will connect you with a College Now staff member to get you the help you need. You can also leave a message if there is not a staff member immediately available to take your call, and you will be connected with an advisor as soon as possible. Students needing immediate support are encouraged to call the hotline in order to speak with College Now promptly.

When texting Tassel, students will receive an immediate reply indicating that a staff member will follow up within one business day to schedule an appointment and provide the student with the personalized support they need.

Ask Tassel is available for any number of questions related to your educational journey, including questions about choosing a college or university; scholarship applications; completing the FAFSA and other financial aid information; standardized tests; College Now’s community-based programs; and more. Ask Tassel is always free and is available for students of all ages, regardless of location.

Spanish language options are also available.

Click here to read more about Ask Tassel. For more information on Ask Tassel or any of College Now’s programs, you can call us at 216.241.5587 or send us an email at [email protected]