College Now @ Work


College Now @ Work

Educational Benefits for Working Adults

Improve your recruiting and retention success by partnering with College Now.

Here’s how we can help your employees:

Educational Advising

  • Career planning and coaching
  • Individual career assessments
  • Leveraging acquired educational credentials and life experiences

Develop Plans for Completing Degrees & Certifications

  • Strategies for completing unfinished degrees
  • College degree programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Custom training

Help with Debt & Financing

  • Strategies for reducing existing debt and monthly payments
  • Loan rehabilitation and consolidation
  • Funding and scholarship recommendations

Why are College Now Educational Benefits important to offer?

  • Attract more of the talent you need to be competitive

  • Reduce turnover by investing in employee development

  • Encourage a learning culture as part of your strategic business plan

Let’s develop a program that is right for you.

College Now has a team of advisors specially trained to meet your needs. We understand adults pursuing degree programs, certifications, and vocational training can face unique challenges.

Every step of the way, we will provide your employees with guidance and support in choosing and enrolling in an education program which will help them grow their career.

Our programs help organizations recruit top people ahead of the competition – and retain that talent to support business growth.

This is accomplished by providing businesses with opportunities for their employees to develop needed employer skills through educational advising, degree and training completion, and help with debt and financing.

“I can use College Now @ Work to entice good, ambitious new employees to work for us – and keep those that we already have longer.” -College Now @ Work Employer Partner