Invest In Success – October 4, 2016




Invest in Success is an annual event that provides College Now Greater Cleveland with the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the impact of an individual on our organization and our community. Past honorees include Patrick S. Mullin, Retired Managing Partner, Deloitte; Jeanette Grasselli Brown, Retired Scientist, Standard Oil Company and former Board Chair of our organization; Paul Clark, Regional President, PNC Bank; and Margot Copeland, Executive Vice President and Director of Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, KeyBank.

Who Will Benefit

College Now Greater Cleveland is the beneficiary of the event. For almost 50 years, College Now has provided the region’s students with guidance and access to funds to prepare for and graduate from college. College Now seeks to help students pursue educational opportunities that empower them to embark on rewarding careers and strengthen our community.

College Now’s return on investment is unparalleled. $500 invested in its advising services will be leveraged into $70,000 in financial aid that a student it serves will receive over four years of college. The postsecondary graduation rate for students receiving College Now scholarships averages 60% – exceeding the 58% graduation rate for all students across the country and more than five times the 11% national graduation rate for students of similar backgrounds.