College Now Scholarship Requirements

College Now Scholarship Requirements

— Scholarship Signing Session. Book a one-hour session ASAP! Remember to bring your college ID number to the meeting. (5 minutes to book, one hour to complete session)

— Student Portal. Sign up for the College Now Student Portal, where you will submit required documents for your scholarship: (5 minutes to sign up)

      — Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA

      — Award letter, from your college

      — FERPA, Media Release, and Information Update forms (3) for College Now

Mentoring Program Requirements

— Orientation. Watch an online student orientation (45 minutes) and pass a comprehension check (5 minutes)

— Chronus. Fill out your Chronus profile (15 minutes)

— Mentoring Program Agreement. If under 18, have parent/guardian co-sign Mentoring Program Agreement and return it to [email protected]. If over 18, you will accept the Agreement as you sign up for Chronus.