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College Now has two types of scholarships: Traditional scholarships, for high school students served in schools by College Now advisors enrolling in college for the first time, and Adult Learner scholarships, for students age 19 and older who have discontinued their studies for more than one year and are interested in pursuing a first associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or trade certificate.

College Now raises scholarship dollars from a variety of funders that are directed either to Traditional or Adult

Learner scholarships, based on the donor’s request. College Now staff then matches students to all of the scholarships for which they could be eligible, and individual selections for scholarships awarded are made based on the goal of selecting as many qualified students as possible. To ensure that we can fund as many students as possible, selected students receive one College Now scholarship out of the ones for which they qualified.


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High School Seniors

To be selected to receive a College Now Scholarship, students must attend a high school served by a College Now advisor. Winners are selected based on recommendations by the advisor, and students must meet our criteria for academic performance (high school GPA of 2.5+ and ACT score of 18+) and be Pell-eligible.

Learn more about the schools College Now serves across Greater Cleveland. Talk to your advisor for more information on our scholarships.

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Adult Learners

College Now provides scholarship opportunities to adult students age 19 and above who have taken off one year or more after high school. Eligible adult learners are Pell-eligible and must be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree or a non-degree certificate or license in a vocational or technical program.

Applicants must complete the application and meet the scholarship criteria for academic performance and financial need. Scholarships are renewable.

Adults from Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Trumbull or Wayne County may apply for the College Now Adult Learner Scholarship.

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Managed Scholarships

In addition, College Now manages scholarship programs for outside organizations and corporations to make scholarship administration easier and more affordable.

For Business

College Now works with organizations to customize programs that best suit their needs, including scholarships for employees’ dependents or students participating in the corporations’ cooperative program. For more information, please contact Robert Durham, at or call 216.635.0450.

For Students


2021 College Now Greater Cleveland Manufacturing Scholarship

College Now provides scholarship opportunities to graduating high school seniors and adult students who are interested in a training program, specifically in the field of manufacturing with the result leading to a license/certification or degree.

2021/2022 Jane Edna Hunter Scholarship

The Jane Edna Hunter Scholarship has been established to provide need-based financial assistance for full-time undergraduate women under the age of 30, who are residents of Ohio or South Carolina. Deadline: April 28, 2021


2021/2022 Ratner, Miller, Shafran Foundation Scholarship Program

This scholarship was created to assist students who have maintained a good scholastic record and have financial need who want to continue their post-secondary education. Deadline: May 7, 2021


  1. Must be a high school graduate from Northeast Ohio with financial need.
  2. Intend to enroll as a full-time student at a public or private not-for-profit postsecondary institution in the fall of 2021.
  3. Preference will be given to students majoring in: Engineering, Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), Biological Science (Botany, Zoology), Medicine (including Pre-Med and Nursing), Health Careers (Physical and Occupational Therapy), Religion, Teaching, and/or Social Work.
  4. There is no legal obligation that compels a student to repay. We sincerely hope that enough students will voluntarily contribute to this fund if and when they are successful so that other students may receive at least the same opportunity they had.
  5. Maintain a 2.0 GPA during your time in high school or college and maintain a 2.0 after receiving the scholarship.

College Now Scholarships


College Now offsets the high cost of college tuition by awarding renewable, need-based scholarships to students across Northeast Ohio. Over the last few years, College Now’s scholarship recipients have experienced declining income and resources while postsecondary costs have risen, leaving a wide gap.


College Now seeks to fill the gap:

  • College Now awards $3 million in scholarships every year
  • 1,400 students and adult learners receive a College Now scholarship each year
  • Our scholarships are renewable, should students continue to meet grade and enrollment requirements

Paying for college is a challenge that many students face. In addition to the scholarships offered by College Now, there are many outside scholarships available to help offset the rising costs of college.  We have compiled a database of many of these scholarships to make it easier for students to identify opportunities available to them.  These scholarships have been researched and vetted by our scholarship team to help discern their value and legitimacy.

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Scholarship Funders

To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our scholarship support, below are the donors who currently fund Traditional and Adult Learner scholarships at College Now.